Still Life

Having arranged a commission with Robyn I thought I should do the same with Marlene Milverton.

And after asking her where she thinks her strengths are I've decided a still life of objects from my life would be a good thing to have.

This would be things like my football boots, model of a Space 1999 Eagle or Thunderbird 2, a book or comic, my Sharp PC 1500, mannequin, golf ball, snorkel, some stuffed animals etc.

Bunny B

Bunny B

First use of my small lightbox for photographs.

This is Bunny's body double (for my still life project with Marlene) - Bunny B.

Bunny B is going to be one element of the still life I'm hoping Marlene will paint for me.

Constant Coincidences

It has been a consistent feature of my life, over recent years, that coincidences, conflations and crowding of events have overwhelmed me.

A mildly interesting coincidence occured today when a story about cancer caught my eye and was accompanoed by this picture:

Tamsyn Cornwall

It isn't much, but I find it a little interesting that the day I received and took a picture of a furry I bought online (about thirty years after being given the original it is to double for) and having had to guess at sizes when I bought it, a photograph of someone (in a story about cancer) was published with a larger version prominent.

Rachel Harré

Rachel was in my High School class 1977 ~ 1981, and one day watching a local TV show I saw her, and a painting of hers - so I went and bought it.

Robyn Schroeder (née Fergusson)

Robyn was also in my High School class and I've long wanted one of her paintings, but none I've seen for sale has ever caught my fancy enough (mostly because I keep thinking each is not quite as interesting to my mind as I imagine she might paint).

So I corresponded with her and have commissioned a work; a painting of my maternal grandparents home in Seacliff (from these photos).

Subject for still life

This is one of the images I gave Marlene to paint from. It's a collection of things from my life containing meaning to me.

It includes sport boots, models from childhood fascinations, my first computer, sea shell lay from Bora Bora, a stuffed rabbit, my snorkeling mask, dice, cufflinks, Robbie the robot, some coral (from various places) and a piece of the Berlin wall.

Some of the meanings aren't obvious, and it's an abbreviated collection I threw together in a hurry - there's more I would have liked in it but I couldn't organise it at the time.