%~1         - expands %1 removing any surrounding quotes (")
    %~f1        - expands %1 to a fully qualified path name
    %~d1        - expands %1 to a drive letter only
    %~p1        - expands %1 to a path only
    %~n1        - expands %1 to a file name only
    %~x1        - expands %1 to a file extension only
    %~s1        - expanded path contains short names only
    %~a1        - expands %1 to file attributes
    %~t1        - expands %1 to date/time of file
    %~z1        - expands %1 to size of file
    %~$PATH:1   - searches the directories listed in the PATH
                   environment variable and expands %1 to the fully
                   qualified name of the first one found.  If the
                   environment variable name is not defined or the
                   file is not found by the search, then this
                   modifier expands to the empty string
	FOR %%? IN ("C:\somefile\path\file.txt") DO (
		ECHO File Name Only       : %%~n?
		ECHO File Extension       : %%~x?
		ECHO Name in 8.3 notation : %%~sn?
		ECHO File Attributes      : %%~a?
		ECHO Located on Drive     : %%~d?
		ECHO File Size            : %%~z?
		ECHO Last-Modified Date   : %%~t?
		ECHO Drive and Path       : %%~dp?
		ECHO Drive                : %%~d?
		ECHO Fully Qualified Path : %%~f?
		ECHO FQP in 8.3 notation  : %%~sf?
		ECHO Location in the PATH : %%~dp$PATH:?
where compare-op may be one of:

    EQU - equal
    NEQ - not equal
    LSS - less than
    LEQ - less than or equal
    GTR - greater than
    GEQ - greater than or equal